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Kumax Bear Plushie - Breath

Meet the adorable bear band! The stories say these bears were created from the tattered cloths of children’s blankets which were left behind. Although they might seem spooky at first, they are the cutest and softest band ever! These Kumax bear plushies come all the way from Japan and will be your kawaii little musicians!



Breath is a mischievous bear who is known to be a troublemaker! As a young cub, his parents knew they had to enroll him in some drum lessons because he was always creating a makeshift drum set out of the pots and pans at home. It turns out that Breath has a real talent for the drums, and now he plays his heart out for the new bear band in town!

Color: Mocha/White/Black  | Size: 25 cm / 9.8 in

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Kumax Bears - Breath Plushie