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Plushie Park - Luna Plushie

Rawr! The dinosaurs have risen and are now terrorizing the world with their adorableness! These creatures will be a great prehistoric companion for any journey. They fit right in your arms, ready for cuddles. Get ready for these Jurassic Plushie friends!

Dinosaur: Luna
Species: Plesiosaurus

Luna is an aquatic dinosaur who enjoys swimming around and exploring the sea. She loves it when other plushies join her at the beach and will happily give them a tour of the local marine life! Because Luna is super sweet and welcoming to everyone she meets, plushies come to visit her in the ocean all the time!

Color: Blue/White | Size: 16 cm / 6.3 in

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Plushie Park - Luna the Cerulean Plesiosaurus Plushie