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Plushie Park - Peaches Plushie

Rawr! The dinosaurs have risen and are now terrorizing the world with their adorableness! These creatures will be a great prehistoric companion for any journey. They fit right in your arms, ready for cuddles. Get ready for these Jurassic Plushie friends!

Dinosaur: Peaches
Species: Triceratops

Peaches is a chill, relaxed dinosaur who loves spending his time basking in the sun. Every weekend, Peaches will walk down to the beach (with his yellow sunglasses and yellow towel in hand) and enjoy lying down on the sand for hours. When he is not at the beach, he likes to go out and get ice cream with friends!

Color: Yellow/White | Size: 16 cm / 6.3 in

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Plushie Park - Peaches the Yellow Triceratops Plushie