Plushie Park - Tofu the White Parasaurolophus Plushie Sale

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Plushie Park - Tofu Plushie

Rawr! The dinosaurs have risen and are now terrorizing the world with their adorableness! These creatures will be a great prehistoric companion for any journey. They fit right in your arms, ready for cuddles. Get ready for these Jurassic Plushie friends!

Dinosaur: Tofu
Species: Parasaurolophus

Just like his name suggests, Tofu is a big softie. This gentle dinosaur is an enthusiastic collector of tea sets and fine china, which he proudly displays around his home! He loves hanging out with his friends, but he knows never to invite other dinosaurs to his house in case they knock over his precious tea cups!

Color: White/Teal | Size: 16 cm / 6.3 in

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Plushie Park - Tofu the White Parasaurolophus Plushie