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Pote Usa Loppy Plushie

Berries Edition

On a hot summer day, the Pote Usa Loppys love to hangout and munch on some delicious fruits! These soft and sweet bunnies love to cuddle alongside you while they nibble on their favorite fruits! The Pote Usa Loppy bunnies make great companions on picnic days outside or while relaxing under the A/C at home! No matter where you go, they’ll always want to stay with you to share their sweet treats!

Bunny: Ami

Ami is a cheerful and hardworking bunny. Her favorite fruit is strawberries! She loves having fun with other plushies and always finds ways to make everyone laugh! She is also known for her great baking skills and likes making pastries for everybody (her specialty is strawberry roll cake).

Color: Pink/White | Size: 27 cm / 10.6 in

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Pote Usa Loppy Plushie - Berries - Ami