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PyonPyon Plushie - Squeeze Me! Edition (Karat)

The PyonPyon (Squeeze Me!) Pals perfect for snuggling and squeezing for some aww-inspiring kawaii fun. With its irresistibly adorable face and fluffy texture, you'll never want to put it down. Plus, it makes a sweet sound when you squeeze it, for even more fun! Perfect for adding some ‘cuteness’ to your bed, wherever you please! These plushies are perfect for anyone who loves a good squeeze!

Bunny: Karat

Karat is an active bunny who loves vegetables (especially carrots!). During his free time, you can find him tending to his vegetable garden or stretching in his yoga class. Karat’s friends love his energy and can always count on him for good vibes!

Color: Yellow/Red/Blue | Size: 25 cm / 9.8 in

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PyonPyon Plushie - Squeeze Me! Edition - Karat