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Dreamy Creamery

Gokigen Odekake Plushie - Sumi

These adorable plushie pals love running their Ice Cream shop (Dreamy Creamery) together! During the blazing, hot summer, these friends love to share their yummy desserts with anyone dying from the heat! These friends know the best way to cool down, and that’s with ice cream! With all sorts of ice cream flavors, these friends will be sure to be great buddies to take along any sweet adventure!


Animal: Cat

Sumi is a hardworking cat who is passionate about having the best customer service at the ice cream shop! She is the manager, so she makes sure that every plushie enjoys their dessert and that every employee is treated fairly. Sumi’s favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla and mint!

Color: Black/Pink/Blue  | Size: 8.5 cm / 3.4 in

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Dreamy Creamery - Gokigen Odekake Plushies - Sumi