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Nyanko Mystery Plushie - Squeeze Me! Edition

Adorable Squeeze Me! Nyanko plushies are here in a surprise form! Get your adorable Nyanko buddy and let them "meow" in your hands! All Nyanko Squeeze Me! plushies can be found in this mystery box!  

Nyanko Squeeze Me!
Greet the new Squeeze Me! Nyanko plushies! These adorable cats are small enough to carry anywhere and make a cute squeaking “meow” when you squeeze them. Nyankos are perfect companions for anyone or any pet! The cats are soft and fluffy so they’ll make a great addition to your plushie family! 

Color: Assorted  | Size: 22.5 cm / 8.85 in

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Nyanko Mystery Plushie - Squeeze Me!