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Nyanko Plushie - Hug Me! Edition

Purrr! Meet the Hug Me! Nyanko plushies! The long group of adorable cats is ready to hug and cuddle you anytime you want! These soft and fuzzy friends are the cutest companions you’ll ever have. They’ll be your best friends to hold in your arms since they’ll have theirs out ready to hug you! 

Kitty: Earl Gray

Earl Gray is a quiet, reserved cat who loves classical music. He is a part of the local orchestra and loves playing violin for an audience! Although he is quiet, Earl Gray is very kind and makes friends all over the world whenever his orchestra goes on tour!

Color: Gray/Blue/White | Size: 75 cm / 20 in

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Nyanko Plushie - Hug Me! Edition - Earl Gray