Plushie Park - Amber the Orange Liopleurodon Plushie Sale

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Plushie Park - Amber Plushie

Rawr! The dinosaurs have risen and are now terrorizing the world with their adorableness! These creatures will be a great prehistoric companion for any journey. They fit right in your arms, ready for cuddles. Get ready for these Jurassic Plushie friends!

Dinosaur: Amber
Species: Ammonite

Amber is a tough aquatic dinosaur who is usually swimming around and looking for her next snack. She is quite athletic, so she loves racing through the sea alongside her friends! Amber is sweet to her close friends, but it seems like she holds a grudge against her ex husband…

Color: Orange/Green | Size: 16 cm / 6.3 in

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Plushie Park - Amber the Orange Liopleurodon Plushie