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Plushie Park - Kiwi Plushie

Rawr! The dinosaurs have risen and are now terrorizing the world with their adorableness! These creatures will be a great prehistoric companion for any journey. They fit right in your arms, ready for cuddles. Get ready for these Jurassic Plushie friends!

Dinosaur: Kiwi
Species: Stegosaurus 

Kiwi is an adorable dinosaur who got her name because she likes to eat kiwis! She likes to spend her time surrounded by nature, and she can usually be found at the local park or flower garden. She has a twin brother named Bloob, and they both have an older sibling named Gumdrop!

Color: Green/Pink | Size: 16 cm / 6.3 in

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Plushie Park - Kiwi the Mint Stegosaurus Plushie