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PyonPyon Plushie - Hug Me! Edition (Hunny)

Introducing the PyonPyon Plushies (Hug Me! Edition)! Look no further for the cutest furry friend for those cozy nights in. This long, lovable bunny will never refuse your warm hugs and cuddles, no matter how sleepy you get. These soft, comfortable, and oh-so-adorable, PyonPyon friends will make all your days brighter!

Bunny: Hunny

Hunny is a sassy pink bunny who loves being the center of attention! She always knew she was born to be a star, so she carries herself with lots of confidence and attitude. Hunny’s friends admire her trend setting style and her clever wit!

Color: Pink/White | Size: 75 cm / 30 in

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PyonPyon Plushie - Hug Me! Edition - Hunny