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PyonPyon Plushie - Squeeze Me! Edition (Hunny)

The PyonPyon (Squeeze Me!) Pals perfect for snuggling and squeezing for some aww-inspiring kawaii fun. With its irresistibly adorable face and fluffy texture, you'll never want to put it down. Plus, it makes a sweet sound when you squeeze it, for even more fun! Perfect for adding some ‘cuteness’ to your bed, wherever you please! These plushies are perfect for anyone who loves a good squeeze!

Bunny: Hunny

Hunny is a sassy pink bunny who loves being the center of attention! She always knew she was born to be a star, so she carries herself with lots of confidence and attitude. Hunny’s friends admire her trend setting style and her clever wit!  

Color: Pink/White/Orange | Size: 25 cm / 9.8 in

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PyonPyon Plushie - Squeeze Me! Edition - Hunny